Thursday, December 21, 2006

VVF ministry

The stench of urine permeates the air of the VVF ward, thin framed women with their heads fully covered walk slowly up and down the halls holding their urine catheters which empty into small plastic bowls. I greet them and say "Sannu, ina kwana, ya ya jiki (how are you and how is your body?)"As we greet, they wave their hands in the air expressing thankfulness for my greetings. Most people don't even notice them. For a moment, their hope has been restored. Someone has cared about them; acknowledged their existence. Most of them come from villages far away in desperate search for help, something to cling to, a hope that after surgery they can reunite with their families; that somehow the word outcast will be removed from their foreheads. As I walk down the halls of the VVF center I am reminded of Jesus and how He loved even the least of these.

I will be working with the VVF women every week and sharing the gospel of Jesus with them. Majority of the women are Muslim and come from villages in various states throughout Nigeria. Through word of mouth they have heard the VVF center in Jos offers free surgery to correct the fistulas, the problem they each have in common from prolonged labors. Because they are cast away from families and looked upon as "dirty", they are yearning for love and affection. Many of them come to know Jesus here at the center through the love shown to them by the staff and volunteers. I am excited for this opportunity to spend more time getting to know the women, and to share about God's love and grace. This week on tuesday I shared the Christmas story and talked about how God sent his son Jesus to die for their sins. I know the Jesus of the bible will speak to many of their hearts. Why? Because we worship a risen Savior who is alive and interceding for those who believe on His name. God will speak through His word and it will not come back void but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. That purpose is for many Muslims to come to know Jesus. I pray God's blessing on my time with them each week, and know He will be glorified. Pray along with me for a fruitful ministry here at the VVF. One of my VVF friends Ngosonom has also been a client of Spring of Life for the last 6 months. Her baby Emembe is growing and adding weight. However Emembe was admitted into the hospital yesterday for dehydration and diarrhea. Please pray for God's healing hand upon her.
S and me. She is only 20 years old and having her third child next month. I have been getting to know her the last month by visiting her almost daily at the VVF ward. She speaks little english and once again I am forced to speak Hausa with her which I find challenging but awesome. Pray for her to come to know Jesus Christ. I gave her some gospel literature yesterday, and she said she will read it. Her heart is open and I pray she receives the free gift of Salvation in the one and only true God!
S.A. is a Fulani woman, also a VVF patient, who came up to me one day and after never talking with her before said, "I want you to teach me english!" I was shocked to hear her speaking english. She comes from the village and typically many of them do not have a formal education and have not learned english. I told her I would teach her! Praise the Lord. This is an opportunity to share the love of Christ through language learning. Pray also that she would embrace Christ!

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So many avenues for the Gospel to go out! Keep proclaiming it girl! - Alison M.